What’s stopping you?

Today could be the day. You’ve awoken with that same hunger to see your dream a reality as you have many times before, but today is going to be different.

You’re really going to take the jump this time. The wind is just right, the sun is shining, and there’s not a cloud in the sky. You’ve got perfect conditions, so, take off- FLY!

You watch your wings open and beat the air once, twice, in slow motion-

You’re going to soar-

Suddenly your concentration is broken by a loud, irritating, repetitive buzzing noise.

You open your eyes. Black.

…And a little sliver of light pouring through the tiniest gap in the curtains at your window.

Back to reality.

Your feet touch the ground as you sit up, groggy. (Oh, there goes gravity.)

You tap STOP on that blasted alarm and come to consciousness with a shaky unwillingness. Got to get ready for work.

(Back to the grind again, yo.)

The same. Recurring. Dream. For several weeks in a row has plagued you. You’ve seen yourself do it. But you’ve woken up every time and realised it hasn’t happened yet.

I have two questions for you.

Do you know how you’ll do it?

Do you know that you want it?

And just for luck, here’s one more:

What is stopping you?


Delaying because “I don’t have this”

And “I’m not that” and

“I couldn’t possibly…”

“There are people out there who are better than me at this…”

“Someone else is already doing it”…

If Thomas Edison had been worried about all the other people trying to make the perfect lightbulb, he’d never have perfected it, making history for all time.

If Einstein had thought about all the other scientists thinking about the puzzle of the theory of relativity, he’d never have cracked it!

If Beyoncé had worried about all the other girl groups trying to be the next big thing, she would never have jogged in heels every morning, danced til her legs were tired in rehearsals or sung til she was blue in the face. And she wouldn’t be “the most powerful woman in music right now“. That “coaching” her dad gave her, needed a willing participant who was just as hungry to see the dream become a reality, as the person who could see the vision and was willing to coach.

Change how you think about yourself.

Instead of the excuses you’ve been giving like the ones above, tell yourself this:

  • I have what it takes, and anything I don’t already know I’ll learn along my journey when (NOT IF) I GET STARTED!
  • the world needs my version of *insert big idea here* because no-one else can do it my way– because no one is me.
  • only I have my perspective and that perspective will bring something new and amazing to this industry and to the world!

You’re already creating things in your mind!

Maybe you’ve even created things in real life too, but you hide them.

You play them down. You take compliments of your work as “people being nice” because after all this is “just a hobby”.

You sit on the wonders you contain and cover your potential!

For fear.

Fear of non-acceptance. Of ridicule. Of failure. Of similarity to others. Of the envy and hatred and inadequacies of others. Of the threat of becoming a starving artist (something, by the way I call “humble beginnings”)…

But I need to ask you a few somethings, again.





I’ve got your answer- and it’s in the sleepless nights and your recurring dreams.


“What kinda person are you????”
This one is rhetorical.

No offence, but… Who lights a candle when it’s dark EVERYWHERE and then hides it under something? (see here)

The world needs your light.
It’s so dark outside, and your light is so bright.

Come on now. Don’t be selfish,


What is stopping you?

What's Stopping You

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